A warning for fans ahead of Haye v Chisora

Posted: June 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

By George Ogier

Last night I tweeted about some plans to be put in place by boxing channel, BoxNation. There has been some confusion over this so I thought I’d explain in more detail.

I have been subscribing to the new Frank Warren backed BoxNation channel since it first aired last year. So far, for an avid fan like me it has represented good value for money. There are shows that I’d never normally have the chance to watch from all over the world and overall I have been happy to pay £10 per month.

This month money has been a bit tight in our household so I began to look at ways to cut back. Checking the June schedule on BoxNation there didn’t seem to be many fights I was genuinely interested in. Happily for me there is no longer a minimum length of subscription on the channel so I cancelled my payment. I did this with a view to resubscribing at the end of June in time for David Haye v. Dereck Chisora.

All fairly clear so far, or so I thought. Within 24 hours of cancelling my payment I received a call from BoxNation asking why I had stopped subscribing. I explained my situation and said I would be signing up again at the end of June. Upon hearing this the gentleman I was talking to said something rather surprising. He remarked that if I were to do that I would be liable to pay a £20 connection fee on top of the £10 monthly fee to watch the channel.

I was told that If I resubscribed within 24 hours I could have a month at half price and avoid the connection charge altogether. Unsurprisingly I took him up on the offer but I remain slightly confused.

Having checked the BoxNation website I can find no mention of the impending £20 connection charge. I spoke to BoxNation call centre staff members Nadeem and Katie and both confirmed that I would have to pay the extra fee if I didn’t take the deal.

I am not trying to instigate a Watchdog-style investigation of the channel. My main reason for writing this is so that any one who wants to pay for David Haye v. Dereck Chisora can get in touch with BoxNation and make sure they are aware of all costs ahead of the show.

You can call Boxnation on 0844 842 5005 or send them an email query here. Please share this post with anyone who you think might benefit from it.


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